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Fundraising Articles from Charity Village

Articles are arranged in reverse chronological order.

Tapping the philanthropic well
Before putting pen to paper, understand your donors
Building your monthly donor base through telefundraising
Charity begins at home: Raising support among your staff and volunteers
Fundraising on the edge
Can you spare the time to change the world?
Private lives and public interest: Why fundraisers have to be hot on the privacy issue
Campaign Feasibility Studies: Taking the time to find out whether the time is right
Why good fundraisers are never paid on commission: Advice for start-up fundraising programs
Information Interviews: Put your future donors in the driver's seat
So you think you need a consultant
What are the fundraising challenges for the next ten or twenty years?
Confirming How the Gift Will Be Used
Donors Are People
Revenue generation through commercial ventures
Are you positioned for fundraising success in the 21st century?
Making fundraising a ministry not a mystery with a 14-month stewardship planner
Here's a solicitor's check-list for success
Issuing Tax Receipts
Converting your regular donors to EFT
How to set up an EFT program in your organization
Use donor research to build the foundation
Obstacles to starting monthly giving programs ... and how to overcome them
Growing interest in pre-authorized payments for donors
Monthly donors are your best opportunity for a legacy
Working With Foundations at the Millennium
Research: What drives donors?
Perennial technique, calendar fundraising continues to renew itself
Good advice for fundraisers in 1890 memo
What makes a fundraising manager successful?
Interest-free loans offer a variety of benefits
A methodology for conflict resolution
Strategic planning builds teamwork, consensus, framework for managing change
Be very careful when selecting a consultant
Do current priorities overtake your long term strategy?
Working with allied professionals
Searching for an ethical approach to fundraising
First impressions affect donor response
Preauthorized payments gaining popularity
TQM --- total quality management or total quality muddle?
What to look for when hiring a consultant
Ten tips for the time-conscious fundraiser
Nothing succeeds like careful, realistic planning

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