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Types of Fundraising Programs

There are three types of fundraising programs:The Capital Campaign, the Ancillary, and the Pre-Sell.

A Capital Campaign raises big dollars! If you need a million dollars to build a teen center, or 3.5 million to renovate your local YMCA, the approach, the proceedure, and the goal are very different than raising $8,000 to send the high school band to Disneyworld.

A Capital Campaign can take two or three years to achieve it's goal. It is directed at businessses and wealthy leaders in your community. Although the $10 and $20 contributions are appreciated, a capital campaigns intent is to raise a lot of money as quickly as possible.

What your donors are looking for in this case is recognition, permanent recognition. To many of the donors this is advertising and enhances the community image of their company. The average expenditure for donor recognition fundraising programs is 4% of the amount given.

We can help you create a program that will recognize your donors permanently in a creative fashion. We will work with your interior designer or your design team to incorporate our concepts into the overall appearance of your building. We can help you with your campaign for the first direct mail announcement to your ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Pre-sell allows your organization to take orders and gather money before your product is ordered. The Girl Scouts do this with cookie sales.

The Ancillary program purchases items imprinted with your logo or slogan. Through individual efforts or community retailers, those items are resold at a higher price.

Ancillary fundraisers can also be "co-oped" allowing you to sell advertising space on your item to a company that wants to target your potential recipient reducing or even eliminating your initial costs.

If you are interested in- working with us to create a Fundraising program, email us or call us at 608-833-1716. We can help you find appropriate products that fit within your budget, have a high perceived value, and creatively targets your market.

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